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Products for the Web

Sirio Blue Vision shines the spotlight on your Company through a series of web products customizable for any need:

  • Website creation 
  • Facebook pages and campaigns creation 
  • Google My Business pages creation

These products have to meet the needs of every business: thus everything starts with a careful research of the company and its requirements, through a conversation with the client and the choice of materials. 

This analysis will help us choose the best direction to follow: it can be the creation of a new website, updating the existing website, or the creation of an appropriate Facebook campaign.   

We listen to the needs and requirements of every single client, working with the client and not only for the client ! 

Website creation

We offer various models:

  • Base Model : responsive website, with 5 pages, Home + four other pages, vertical scrolling, and static website management
  • Intermediate Model : responsive website, with 5 pages, Home + 6/7 additional pages, vertical scrolling, semi-dynamic website management (the client can partially modify the website).
  • Top Model: responsive website, with 8 predefined pages (but the client can insert as many pages as he wishes afterwards), dynamic website management (the client can completely modify the website through a control panel).

Facebook pages and campaigns creation

We create company Facebook pages and we combine them with related advertising campaigns.  We also offer only advertising campaign for those who already have their own page.

Here are our offers:

  • Page creation + 1 month of advertising
  • Page creation + 3 month of advertising
  • Page creation + 6 month of advertising
  • Only advertising posts for 3 months
  • Only advertising posts for 6 months

Google My Business pages creation

Google My Business is an easy to use tool that makes it possible for companies and professionals to manage one’s online presence on Google: users, through this tool, can quickly find the information on a specific company and proceed to contact them directly.
We can help you create this page with the correct criteria that will help you to stand out among your competitors.

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