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Personalized promotional pens

Sirio Blue Vision manufactures for you special promotional pens: banner pens!

They are customizable plastic pens equipped with a sliding extractable banner carrying your logo and your advertising slogan.

The promotional banner pens are a very helpful tool: they convey easily the message of the business, they are a gadget that everyone loves, they can feature images as well as other information, such as a calendar, a to-do list, a menu etc.

They can be perfect to promote a business but also an individual event.
They are perfect promotional material for trade shows.

They can be personalized in many ways: in the banner content, in the individual color and in the color composition.

They bring about a promotional message of certain impact since they are useful, can be used by everyone every day and they are pocket-size.

They are also excellent to build word of mouth since they go from hand to hand.

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